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Dear Vinglers,  What's better way to start a weekend than having a fun contest with other fellow Vinglers? Vingle Friday Contest is a weekend contest that gives everyone a chance to become Vingler of the Week and have his or her cards and collection featured on our homepage! When is it? -Friday 4/12/13 - Sunday 4/14/13 (GMT) -Winner will be announced on Monday 4/15/13 (GMT) What you do: -Sign up for the contest by commenting on this card -Post cards that go with the given theme (see below) and publish to related parties -Wait for Monday and see if you win! What you get: -Become Vingler of the Week -Have any 5 cards and 1 collection of your choice (yours or your Vingle friends) to be featured on Vingle's homepage aka they will become "sticky cards" and stay at the top of our homepage from Monday to Friday. -Gain more followers and friends! -Get more than thousands of views for your featured cards! How to win: -Post quality cards that Vinglers will love (whatever they may be!) -Vingle-it is OK! -Publish to related parties -Winner will be chosen based on the quality and diversity of the cards This week's theme: "The best thing about spring" Simple enough right? Comment below to let us know you're joining. The contest will officially start this Friday. Only cards posted during Friday 4/12/13 - Sunday 4/14/13 will be counted :)
Hi all, thank you for signing up for Vingle Weekend Contest. You can start vingling now!
@soula81 .... ill be busy this wkend b/c its Lao New Year and plus, im volunteering at a charity event at the Lao Temple but ill still participate.....ill upload whatever i can find related to spring, i cant guarantee that it will be abundance of cards but ill do my best....yes like my sis @YinofYang said, good luck everyone!!!!
@maymay75 @soula81 @pnhq @elleng @somnia @cheerfulcallie (hope you join if you have time) Good luck to everyone joining! Regardless of who wins, I'm sure there will be many great cards added to Vingle.
@maymay75 you said it! the more the merrier!
@somnia and @pnhq looking forward to your spring theme manga cards!!
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