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So I'll do two shirtless guys edition, one being Fairy Tail's Tsundere Gray Fullbuster and the other being...a surprise (duh) Good news and bad news (I like to hear bad news first so here you go) So bad news, after I post the next drawing I won't post anymore of my art. why? because I have a bad tendency to leave a lot of it unfinished (because school and studying are a...pain) Good news is my semester just ended so hopefully I will be able to finish some drawings that have been sitting on my notebook for a while. Once I do, I can post them here, and I will be changing up the filters for a more varied look. I will hopefully have more information about the drawings I have on my next post. So until then :) Fairy Tail: Gray Fullbuster Filter: Sunset
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This is really amazing :D
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thats awsome
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