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Looking fabulous and picture-perfect, mom and freelance makeup artist, Ellarie, has everything you need to know for getting your brows done right, especially for this holiday season. You CANNOT AFFORD to look broke in photos with friends and family as they get shared all over social media. NOT GONNA WORK!
And if, for some reason, makeup isn't your thing, let this be THE ONE video that you do watch when you get your makeup together for your wedding! :)
I thought it was really important to let Ellarie do the talking, rather than me just type out the tutorial. Get to know her! I love her realness vibe. Just get in there and work with what you have and elevate it with simple products to get a look that is beautiful and not overdone.
Haters can talk about your belt or your shoes, but don't give them a reason to call you out on your brows!
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Gorgeous! Those brows are on POINT
hey @allobaber 😄 Yes they are!