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As a kid growing up in the 90s, collecting greeting cards and letter set had been a huge part of my childhood life.

I believe we all going through pretty much the same process every child should have. Buying so many stuffs just because it will make you a lot cooler than any other kids next doors. Not (yet) realized that it all will turn into junk someday. So, here am I in the middle of that shocking truth. :/ So here's the thing, as i mentioned above I used to collect greeting cards (mostly Christmas cards) and letter set. IT IS A HUGE DEAL BACK THEN! So don't laugh at me, okay? Those 'collectible items' remain sit nicely in the corner of my shelves until one day I decided to be a decent lady and start cleaning my room. And.. that day is today. The day when I once again meet my old forgoten friend.
Oh look how mighty these stacks are!
So, rather than throw them away just like that, I've decided to really make them to work! If you are interested and kindly enough to help me finished all these cards, plese let me know by giving me your name, addres, and a little bit information about yourself. You're not going to leave me without a single clue about what to write, right? I swear I will do you no harm!
P.S: English isn't my firat language so for all of the grammar nazis out there, bear with me okay? Have a nice day and nice to see you all! :)