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Hey guys sup this is kalyan I will be sharing gifs from today onwards and also you could tell me which anime character you want to see let me know in the comments section below until next time bye.
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@ReynaWithLove really? how would you rate the anime out of 10 bcuz i kind of thinking of making a review on it. do you think ots worht the watch
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@KalyanMadoori I personal love it. it has so much emotions.... I love the fight. I more surprised with Mika in that he hates humans interesting for the fact he was once human puzzles me but my curiosity grows. now I would rate it a 9 because it hasn't ended so until it ends it will be a whole different experience
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i forgot to mention the Angels with the trumpet
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@ReynaWithLove. thank you for your reply i really appriciate it.
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@KalyanMadoori no problem lol I just read what I wrote. I'm sorry it may not make sense馃槄 I wrote and sent it without reading.
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