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I know, I know! We've all said we can't wait, but I'm saying it again!!!
For my friendiest friend, the girl who would sit on it soooo fast: @LAVONYORK I thought of you when I saw this! ^.^ (Tag em up, ladybug.) 馃憡馃徏 (Not my pics!)
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@LAVONYORK LMAO. I started to post that one on here and stopped myself. Lol :P @shannonl5 I have no doubt he'll at least feed us!!!!! @AlloBaber BEYOND dirty!
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@butterflyblu 馃槀 馃槀 馃槀 that would have been appropriate in my eyes, especially if he sings the song 馃槀
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I feel like Deadpool would be the kind of guy that would get you something off the Taco Bell dollar menu for Christmas. Like, hey girl, here's a bean tostada. I even sprung for some cinnamon twists on the side.
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@danidee oddly enough, I wouldn't be that mad! Lol @LAVONYORK 馃挏馃槏馃槀 I'd pay decent money to see that, myself!! 馃憡馃徏
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@ButterflyBlu Me too. I'd be like hell yeah, Taco Beezy.
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