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I've seen a lot of people talking about how kpop has helped them so I thought I should show my immense appreciation for this wonderful fandom an amazing world that I've been welcomed into.
When I first heard kpop I was in a horrible place in life. I was 19, a single mom of a 18 month old, living in a homeless shelter, my family was falling apart and life seemed to be blowing up around me. I was just diagnosed with ptsd, depression, and anxiety and was having thoughts of just ending it all... I had spent the entire morning crying and decided to distract myself with some funny YouTube videos. The first thing that caught my eye was Youtubers react to kpop (which I thought said Jpop). I quickly clicked on it and that's what I heard Fantastic Baby by Big Bang.
The immediate joy and relief I felt was intoxicating. I didn't care that I could only understand the little bit of English or that it was eccentric and crazy. It felt like the song was speaking directly to me, sweeping me up into its warm arms and saying "You are okay now let's dance!" After listening to this song and Lucifer by SHINee about 10,000 times each I decided to do some research. Big Bang became my obsession and my drug. Whenever I was frustrated or sad or feeling anything negative, they took it away. Whenever I was feeling happy and just wanted to dance like a crazy person while belting out music, they amplified those feelings. I love Big Bang with all of my heart and they quite literally saved my life.
This is touching. BigBang, TOP in particular, saved my life as well.
This is great. I'm so glad it was able to help you!
That is aweosme! Kpop helped me out as well. It's healing in some way and being a mom it really brought me and my daughter closer. Good for you FIGHTING!!