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"I’ve kind of realized that I have no idea where I’m going to be next year, or in six months, or in two months. I mean, I know where I’ll be on tour in two months, but no idea where I’m going to be mentally, emotionally, dreams, goals, wishes, hopes. I have no idea if I’m going to get married or be single forever or have a family or just be on my own. You know, paint in a cottage by the ocean by myself. I just have no idea and I’m kind of into that. You can make a board for all the goals you want in your life with the pictures on it, and that’s great, daydreaming is wonderful, but you can never plan your future.” “Relationships are like traffic lights. And I just have this theory that I can only exist in a relationship if it’s a green light.” -Taylor Swift
@michaelpeaden hahah i hope you are not talking about taylor swift being a hopeless romantic hahahahhahaha
you really want to stay single forever...I THOUGHT you were hopeless romantic like myself. hopefully we'll find our mates somewhere in this universe lol
hahahaha you guys! Im pretty sure she'll have like 5 more boyfriends this year
lol lol lol... Taylor's life more like that of a chaotic traffic then
There are too many green lights in taylor Swift's life