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I'm super excited to announce a holiday anime event!

Me & a few other lovely elves (lol, @Alletaire @TreverMoon @Captpeter @JosephMcCune and @FunnyChizBones) have been working on putting it together for our anime community.
The event will start tomorrow, but we are sharing the prompt list today :)

Introducing.....Deck the Halls with Anime!

See the 12 prompts above? One for each day that is coming before Christmas! The idea is that during this happy time of year we can all get to know each other & have some fun talking about anime. So even if you don't celebrate Christmas, use this as a time to meet other anime fans in our Vingle Nakama and have a good time!

Here's how it's gonna go:

- We'll make a card for each day of the challenge!
- Check out this collection to see the newest prompt, or check our profiles if you can't find it (@hikaymm, @Alletaire, @TreverMoon, @Captpeter, @JosephMcCune, and @FunnyChizBones)
- You can comment on it with your answer!
- Or (even better!!) make your own cards!!! Title your card so we know it's part of the challenge!
- I'll clip them all into this collection!
- We'll get all cheerful and enjoy this season, together!

Here's the collection that you should follow to get alllllll the updates!

I'll be clipping all the cards made for this wonderful festive time into this collection, so you can enjoy the holidays with other anime fans XD
Vin if we have this many nakama now I think we are gonna need a bigger boat or guild or country HAAAALP
sounds good vin :) looking forward to it
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I swear even though I've been super busy I will do this
Sounds like fun. Gonna do this shit TO THE MAX lol
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