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A New Mexican man is in the news after getting arrested for breaking into his mother's North Albuquerque home and stealing her posole - a traditional Mexican soup.

Stealing from your own mom. How could you, man?!

23-year-old Jonathan Ray had texted his mother earlier that day, telling her he was hungry and planned to come over. He then received strict orders from his mother that he wasn't allowed over and to stay away from her posole, adding that he only ever really came over to use her shower or eat her food.
Just as she was arriving home later that day, Jonathan was darting out of the back door with the entire pot of posole, having broken both the gate and a garage door to get into her home.
It was then that his mother contacted the police, citing that he had unlawfully entered her home and that he had not been welcomed there:

"He opened the door and grabbed that big pot of posole I had made for my kids. He knew I had made it."

Eventually, Jonathan was found by authorities and arrested on a residential burglary charge, a felony in the state of New Mexico.

Moral of the story: Don't mess with Mama.

So what do you guys think? Does Jonathan deserve the punishment? Is posole worth going to jail for? And, well, do you think he even got to have any?

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BREAKING NEWS! The New M茅xico pozole fiend escaped custody, his last words were gimme my pozole! we advise civilians to be on the look out for this dangerous madman, according to local Detective Burkhardt the madman has a acute sense of smell he was able to locate pozole from across the street, for your own safety finish your pozole or throw it away more on this after this short break.
It sounds to me like this man is a user, and momma is tired of being used. This isn鈥榯 about soup, it's about breaking and entering. I would do the same thing. It sounds like she has other younger children to feed. He's 20 some years old, let him get a job and buy his own food. Don鈥榯 disrespect momma cause there will always be heck to pay for that in my house.
LOL I was thinking the same thing as @ebethoven like if this was my mom she would be shoving the food down my throat! :D
@nicolejb my sources wish to stay anonymous, the police wanted to keep this on the down low and I don't want to jeopardize our trust.
hmm maybe dude was dying of hunger..I say give that man some posole 馃嵅
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