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A New Mexican man is in the news after getting arrested for breaking into his mother's North Albuquerque home and stealing her posole - a traditional Mexican soup.

Stealing from your own mom. How could you, man?!

23-year-old Jonathan Ray had texted his mother earlier that day, telling her he was hungry and planned to come over. He then received strict orders from his mother that he wasn't allowed over and to stay away from her posole, adding that he only ever really came over to use her shower or eat her food.
Just as she was arriving home later that day, Jonathan was darting out of the back door with the entire pot of posole, having broken both the gate and a garage door to get into her home.
It was then that his mother contacted the police, citing that he had unlawfully entered her home and that he had not been welcomed there:

"He opened the door and grabbed that big pot of posole I had made for my kids. He knew I had made it."

Eventually, Jonathan was found by authorities and arrested on a residential burglary charge, a felony in the state of New Mexico.

Moral of the story: Don't mess with Mama.

So what do you guys think? Does Jonathan deserve the punishment? Is posole worth going to jail for? And, well, do you think he even got to have any?

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XD I would totally go to jail for my mom's food!
Hahahah it's THAT good @matildajgarrett?
Thank you @nicolejb I'm happy i get the opportunity to work with such a talented news group and Wherever, Idaho is from where I'm reporting at this moment yes, yes, that's right Wherever Idaho; it seems the eyeless dust bunnys have claimed this town. residents were forced to evacuate do to the creatures vicious temper when confronted. oh no... I see them we're going to maintain silence I'll get back to you...if I make...................