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This is "What if" who wins and why!
I say the leaf, just because they train for missions at early age, Luffy don't even go to school yet, lol.
grand line as long as luffy does not get in the ocean he is UN stop able and naruto will run out of chakra at some point and run out of the nine tials chakra to at some point so that is that. PS: luffy will run out of energy but he will not give in tell he drops dead
@ReillySkinner , hey Naruto has Sasuke, the five kage & sukara who put luffy in a coma. lol! right @Oso05
the hell he's a pirate that is he's job! plus he has he's crew which are smarter then naruto.don't get me started on the three admerials and four yokos.!
@PrinceCampbell like I said Luffy is not even homeschooled. How he gonna get a JOb? ;)
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