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Watching Plastic Memories; Waiting for My Heart to be Broken
Okay, I'm only up to episode two/three of Plastic Memories because the first episode made me cry and I was so reluctant to go back to it after that.
But man, this is doing to break me, isnt' it?

First off, it's totally not fair that everyone is keeping secrets from Tsukasa!

Like, ok, I get that they all have back stories and stuff and they don't have to tell him everything, but come on! Isla only has a short time....right.....ughhhhh. So frustrating!

Second off, it's unfair how sympathetic I feel towards Isla when I know absolutely nothing about her.

I mean, obviously she's sad and there's something back there and that scene of her crying in episode one will never erase itself from my mind. EVERRRRRR.


She sounds so cheerful in her diary....I just want to know what happened to cause such a dramatic change.....oy. Sigh. OY.
Listen, I know this anime is going to break me which is why I'm going thru it slowly, but how am I supposed to get through 10 more episodes of this?!
Don't break my heart, Tsukasa.
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hello I am new the anime genre and I don't know what to watch any suggestions?
2 years ago·Reply
^ Chobits is a nice start it has a perv-feel but a nice story none the less
2 years ago·Reply
Time of eve is a good one as well
2 years ago·Reply
@MRxlshimon thanks for the suggestions!
2 years ago·Reply
just saw the first episode right now and i teared up it reeled me in i already know that i would love this show
2 years ago·Reply