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That鈥檚 right!!! I am challenging you my lovely K-Poppers to make a card of the sexiest K-Pop MV you have come across. You will also have to explain why it is your choice and be sure to tag me when you post it!!!!
My choice is "Quit Playing" by U-Kiss. There is just something about this video that just has me..........mmmm. Lol I needed a cold shower after I saw it. Kevin in this video changed my entire thoughts about him.
omg @glo86!!! i was thinking the exact same thing!!! except for me it was soohyun. when i saw him in the comeback stage i was nearly dead... well there are a lot of other ones that is out there and i am going to find them!!! LOL
I'm you literally took the first video that came to my mind!!! haha I thought of it and then scrolled down and saw your pick haha. ugh OK I will think of one lol
kiseop has never hidden his sexy dancing before but when I saw this video and him being that way to the max I was going to die omg
literally when I saw the title of this post I thought of Quit Playing but you chose it so like not even going to try xD second to me would be UKISS She's Mine or Taemin's Ace....I choose taemin for a lot of things though because he's my ultimate but yeah xD
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