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Simon, a fine art auctioneer double crosses his underworld boss in their plot to steal a masterpiece and thereafter receives a nasty beating for his betrayal that causes him to forget where he has hidden the treasure. The rest of the gang suspect foul play on his part and bring in a hypnotist to delve into his mind and find their stolen piece of art. - I'm a sucker for psychology films! I wanna watch this movie so bad!! T.T but it's not out in Seoul yet..
heyy @blairwitme~ of course with you too!
*list of movies is
how about me ? :(
I know! It's true. Especially with all the big movies coming out this summer, I wish we could too! Alright, if you ever come to Chicago, I'll totally take you out on the town. :D
hey love! Our list of must-see movies are getting longer and longer! i wish we could see a least one together! <3
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