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Those who want a second season of this anime, comment here! My friend can speak Japanese and works as an assistant for a TV broadcast station in Japan so I can ask her to help us send the petition to Hal Film Maker (Skip beat anime studio)!! If there's enough people who want to have a second season of this awesome anime they might make it!
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It's not fair to set up for another anime season and then just cut it off!!! I have been moping and not able to think straight please at least make an ending
Totally agree! Skip Beat is beautiful!!!
Please Second season anime Skip Beat !!!! Many of us who have spent years waiting for , I love the manga but I'm crazy about See it in animation.
I can get some signatures of ppl from Poland. Just start some petition and let me know.
I just found that one --> But no signatures there. So maybe its something wrong with it, but my english is not good enough to know it.