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While I was looking through everybody's cards in cosplay today, I saw two cool cards by @djdoubl3up that were introducing cosplayer's they like, and I remembered I did that once or twice, too, so I thought I could make a new collection!

It's called "Meet the Cosplayers!"

I know that's a bit vague, but the idea is that I'll post cards that are introducing some of my favorite cosplayers & my fave works of theirs, and I'll also clip cards like @djdoubl3up 's card that fit the theme XD then, we can use this collection as a way to see all the cosplayers!!!
I'll just be clipping intro style cards (not just any picture of a cosplayer....that's what the community is for lol!) But any card that introduces you to a cosplayer worth noticing (or maybe even one introducing your own cosplay personality!) will be clipped :)

Hope you all enjoy it :)

I love this idea
pstttt.. find one who cosplayed as the brothers in Big hero 6 and Hiccup from How to train your dragon >.> he's so talented. it's up to you! either way, I follow this !
@djdoubl3up you really inspired me XD
Thanks for the shoutout @hikayimm! I just like sharing my passion and love for cosplay 馃槉
Awesome! Following ^_^
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