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This is part 4 link to part 3 is here...

Last chapter Lea was randomly missing after taking a break from practice. Her friends were looking for her.

For ages 14 and up

Where in the World is Lea?

Kit Kat was super frustrated. She was pacing. Lavish offered her some water trying to calm her down. Luna was in the corner texting Jimin and snickering. Nabi was looking out in the hallway with ViVi. "Luna! Get off that damn phone! Lea is missing and all you can do is text that boy?" Luna looked up. Her cold stare resembles a irritated tiger. "Lady Luck get ya panties out of a bunch. That girl is fine. While yall over there worrying and pacing I actually knows where she is. Side note my Papi is not a boy." Luna returned to texting. "You know where she's at Luna!" Nabi says while walking in. "Yeah." Luna says with her eyes glued on her phone. "Why didn't you say anything?" ViVi said. "Cuz I just found out while Kit Kat was trying to chew my head off. Ladies follow me!" Luna says while the girls followed her out the room.

Weird Place

The girls smile and bow as they pass superiors down the hall. They went down a few hallways, down down flights of stairs, passed 5 vendor machines, and then outside. "Where the heck are we going Luna?" Lavish asks while looking around. "Hush....." Luna says while leading the girls down an alley way then into a small random building. They passed by some ppl who looked like they were into the whole whoka scene and there Lea was in some booth hugged up with Jungkook. "Lea we were worried about you! What the hell are you doing here with Jungkook? Shouldn't you be in practice too? Are yall even old enough to be in here?" "No they are not!" Lavish said. Jungkook face was red. "Hum.....practice for us is over." "I'm just sick and tired of practice, Kit Kat whining, and Luna pushing us too much. I just want to chill! Besides Luna and Jimin come here a lot so I figured we could sneak in." Lea says. "I'm not whining! Besides Luna and Jimin are old enough to be in here. What if this got out in the media? Jungkook your older...shame on you." Kit Kat says while pinching Lea and attempting to pull Lea out the booth. "Lea there is no break with being a star. You wanna be the best you better work! I hate practice too, but I don't wanna look like a fool!" ViVi says. Everyone walks outside to go back in the building. Jimin, V, J-Hope, Suga are outside. "Hey! What's up!" V yells down the way. They walk to the small group of BTS memebers. Suga slaps Jungkook in the head. "What the hell were you thinking bringing Lea to a place like that?" Suga continues to hit Jungkook. "It was my idea Suga! Please don't hit my hush puppy! Lea says while hugging Jungkook "Hush puppy?" J-Hope says while making an ugly confused face. Everyone laughs. "My question is how did Lea know?" Nabi says Luna was too busy playing with Jimin. She was smacking his hands away from her butt and giggling. "Luna?" Nabi says. "Lea might thinks she's grown but she is still a baby....meaning she has not mastered the trick of disappearing with a guy. This fool let her phone in the practice room. I seen it while I was texting papi and Kit Kat was ranting. Her last text was to Jungkook saying let's go to that weird place. Jimin and I call this place the weird place when we are speaking in code. Besides, Jimin told me Jungkook was missing too."

Time Off...

The girls were so tired from all the work they have done. They were working back to back and preparing for a concert at random venues in Asia. The girls had just put out 3 new music videos, made appearances on national and international shows, did some performances for some networks. It has been almost a year since they found Lea and Jungkook hugged up in that whoka bar. Nabi was dancing a jumping all over the place. She was super excited because they were going to have some free time. It was perfect timing since the girls and their boyfriends had free time before going on tour. ViVi was already out for the weekend to see her boyfriend Choi Minho. Lavish was with her family overseas in America. Nabi, Luna, Kit Kat, and Lea were all having dates with their boyfriends as a group then later on they would break off into couples for quality time. "Nabi you are wearing that? Please don't make Suga look bad." Kit Kat says. Lea blurts out laughing. "What?! Shut up. I like it. What you think Luna?" Nabi says. "Sadly, I have to agree with Kit Kat. These are our last days before we have to put in work and be away from our loves. Give him something to remember" Luna says while slipping into her lace black dress. "Fine. Maybe you are right." Nabi says.

Dinner Date

The guys can to pick up their ladies. They greeted them with beautiful flowers. They were going to Manhattan Grill a fancy restaurant in Seoul, Korea. Everyone was dressed nicely. As they entered the resturant there were a few photographers outside snapping photos. Finally they were seated away from the crowd in the VIP area. Luna sat next to Jimin, Lea next to Jungkook, Kit Kat next to Jin, and Nabi next to Suga. They over looked the menu. Lea, Jungkook, and Kit Kat were too young to drink. However, the others did sip on some wine. Jimin was trying to put his hand up Luna's dress under the table. Kit Kat giggled as she saw Luna smack Jimin hand away several times. Suga kept staring at Nabi boobs. Nabi kept pointing to her face to redirect Suga's attention. "Is it me or is it getting hot in here?" Jimin says while fanning himself. "I'm hot too bro." Suga says. "Nope yall just nasty boys" Jin says while smiling. "Not my fault I can't wait for dessert." Jimin says while smiling and kicking his lips while running his hand down Luna's back. "Jimin..."Kuna says while blushing. "Papi behave." "Oh I love dessert too." Suga says while rubbing Nabi's knee. Nabi blushes and sips her wine while slowing pinching Suga. "ME too I think a want some cake!" Jungkook blurts. Everyone shakes their head. "Jungkook you slow man. As our bro Namjoon says you got no jams shut up." Suga says. "But yall were talking about desserts?" Jungkook asks in a confused tone. "Sex Jungkook Sex was being implied." Jin says in a calm tone. "Wow now I feel dirty." Nabi says. "That is not gonna stop you!" Kit Kat blurts "Naw, you right!" Nabi says while laughing. Jimin smiled and tapped his glass with his fork. I have a request to make and i want you all to hear this. He smiled and looked at Luna. He faced Luna and grabbed her hand.


Until next time amigos....

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I can never read these without laughing my ass off. You get me so well. Maybe Jimin will propose or make it super serious with couple rings....hell I don't know
we shall see
its too obvious for him to propose
And Jungkook is like 18, he should understand the dirties xD