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Airs on 9nd, 10pm! :D And this is Indonesian live recap :) http://www.vingle.net/posts/122613-Sinopsis-Langsung-Live-Recap-Gu-Family-Book-Episode-2 <Cast> Lee Seung-Gi - Choi Kang-Chi (KC) Bae Suzy - Dam Yeo-Wool (YW) Yoo Yeon-Seok - Park Tae-Seo (TS) Sung Joon - Gon (G) Jung Hye-Young - Cheon Soo-Ryun (SR) Lee Sung-Jae - Jo Kwan-Woong (KW) Lee Yoo-Bi - Park Chung-Jo (CJ) Eom Hyo-Seop - Park Moo-Sol (MS) Jo Jae-Yun - Wal-Pae (WP) Lee Yeon-Hee - Yoon Seo-Hwa (SW) Choi Jin-Hyeok - Koo Wol-Ryung (WR) Jo Sung Ha - Dam Pyeong Jun (PJ) So Jeong notices it. He warns him to kick her out from the forest. But WR says, "But she will be killed if people find her. I love that girl. Where can I find Gu family medical book? I wanna be human." SJ warns, "Do you know who is trying to find you? Dam Pyeong Jun!" He says PJ is a guy with powerful skills, so it won't be easy for WR to scare and defeat him. SH feels sorry of making WR in trouble. She asks to go out from this forest, but he comforts her. "When I'm staying here, no one can hurt us. Don't worry." That night, SH talks him about her personal story. "The only family I have now is my brother and my friend, Dam. My brother ran away like me, and Dam stayed in gisaeng house to save me. I can't sleep, worrying of them." WR looks her and wanna comfort her. "If you hear their news, would u feel comfortable?" In the meanwhile, WR sees that her brother's body in downtown. He steels it and buries on the ground. But WR can't say the truth to SH. He lies to her, "Both of them looks fine. I will protect you, so all thing you gotta do is just to stay here." SH feels so happy and hugs him by mistake. WR feels more love toward her and kisses her. "Would you marry me?" But SH hesitate to accept it. "But my family was ruined." But WR doesn't care it and asks again if she can marry him. They promise to get married. WR tries to find Gu family medical book to find out how he can be human to marry her. SJ helps him to find out the book. SJ finds how he can get it. "You gotta pray for 100days. And during the days, you have three rules. First, you must not kill any lives. Second, you must not help human. Third, you must not show people your real aspects." However, SJ worries of him. He asks to stop trying to be human, but no one can stop WR's love toward SH. In the meanwhile, KW and his servants found SH's brother's grave. KW noticed that SH is still alive. After three months, they came husband and wife. And WR has only 11days remained until finishing his praying. And KW's servant wanna stop searching for fox with nine tails. "It's been almost 3 months, and no one found anything in the forest. I think it's meaningless to keep searching.", he says. At the moment, a servant comes and reports they found a lady that looks like SH. Servants finds SH and chases. WR notices sth is wrong and runs to save her. While she's being chased, WR hugs her and they hid in trees. Soldiers passes by them and they go out to go back home. At that moment, PJ sees him. In the end, WR and SH runs away. But PJ catches SH. At the moment, PJ takes her by force, WR breaks the rule for praying to save SH and reveal his real appearance as fox. SH gets shocked so much and doesn't accept the fox is WR who she loves. She feels scared and runs away from him. SJ finds WR fainted and cared him. WR continully asks him to save SH instead of him. SJ hesitated it, but decides to help her. "You still have the tool I gave you, right? When it's emergency, you should do exactly as I told you." In the meanwhile, SH ranaway to PJ and leads them to WR's shelter. (After knowing WR was a beast, SH feels betrayal of him.) WR notices that SH betrayed him and led military to his shelter. He tries to explain her about his lying, but SH doesn't listen to. Few days ago, SJ gave WR a knife. Even if SH keeps loving him after knowing his real appearance, WR gonna be safe. But if she betrayes him, he gotta stab SH's heart to live. WR tries to hurt SH, but PY kills him. After few days, SH notices she's pregnant. SH can't accept that she has a baby from the fox. She tries to kill the baby, but the baby is still healthy. Finally, SH gives a birth to a baby boy, but she tries to kill him, thinking he would be a beast. At the moment, she finds he's not a beast but a cute baby. So SH changes her mind and throws it away to river. A high-class man finds the baby and decided to raise him. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- From next ep, Lee Seung Gi finally shows off! :D I wonder how he were grown up! Ur comments and likes cheer me up, so comment me guys~ ^.^ Gu Family Medical Book Ep.3- LIVE Recap :http://www.vingle.net/posts/127287-Gu-Family-Medical-Book-Korean-Drama-Ep-3-LIVE-Recap
yes it does @njkim already watched te 1st 2 episodes oh I wish they could post the nxt ones fast....hehehe
@gailatienza19 it reminds me of another Korean Drama, Faith a.k.a the great doctor kk
this drama is good
thx a loooot dear @njkim