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The King 2 Hearts Ep 19 - LIVE recap + screenshots - Part 1
---------------------------------------------------------- This episode starts with Jae Shin celebrating her staff's birthday. She looks so happy, but deep inside her heart, I'm sure she is worried about Si Kyung and Jae Ha >< It's back on Si Kyung, evil guy, and Jae Ha! Si Kyung is pointing the gun to Jae Ha, asking him to sit down on the chair. John Mayer asked Jae Ha to make a decision. It's either him resigning from the king position, or all the people of Korea will die. Meanwhile, Hang Ah was on her way back to North Korea, but she went back to help Jae Ha. SUDDENLY Si Kyung pointed his gun to the evil guy! And all Korean troops came to help them. The evil woman tried to shoot Si Kyung, but Hang Ah was faster! She shot that evil woman with a sniper gun from faraway. The troops start shooting her and finally she is dead! HA! John Mayer was arrested and handcuffed. But he took out a secret gun and shot SI Kyung! How dare you!! OH NO OH NO Si Kyung... Jae Ha was crying and screaming for him not to die... but it was too late TT Oh this is tragic TT Si Kyung! ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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I can't get over it. Why ? Why? shi kyung have to die? @sapphire148 i really thank u for being so diligent in updating the live screencaps till the end...
same with you @satsuki92, i denied the bts pic, denied, denied, denied, wish that was someone's else funeral... but why oh why oh why...
@supernovah is it sane for us to wish for that scene to be staged death??!! but there was the funeral scene and that would be too over the top for a stage death...... :( noooooooo