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Growing up, I was the youngest of my cousins. I remember playing with my Barbie dolls in the corner of the living room while the rest of my cousins watched the last episode of 'Alf' or fangirl over Poison getting interviewed on MTV. (I still remember them in all their poofy-haired, shirtless glory. Oh, Bret Michaels.)
Most of the time, I wasn't really invited to hang out with the older ones. But sometimes, in special circumstances, when my older cousins, Lisa and Vivian, were in charge of watching me, we'd stay up late together, eat ice cream sundaes, and watch reruns of 'Golden Girls'.
I gained a lot of wisdom by watching these four women weave in and out of all sorts of situations, and now that I'm only one month shy (one month!) of turning 30, I can't help but think back to all the things that 'Golden Girls' taught me about life and getting older. (Which will now be explained in GIF form because, you know, the Internet.)

Life is going to repeatedly knock you on your butt. Build a support system - particularly one with carbs.

The Golden Girls always seemed to have a thing for eating cheesecake when one or more of them were feeling entirely stressed out. Sure, you grow out of your teenage case of acne, but you never really grow out of life's curveballs. Accept this, find a positive release, and don't forget about the cheesecake.

The geekier the guy, the better the relationship.

Okay, so that's a sweeping generalization, but basically, you'll find yourself less and less attracted to guys with a 'cool' factor and trade them in for ones that, at the end of the day, just make you feel so damn comfortable. None of the guys the Golden Girls brought home were necessarily a Robert Redford type, but boy, did they have fun.

Getting involved in the community isn't just for your local Girl Scout troops.

So charity work and volunteering don't exactly pay, but I've learned that they're just as rewarding. You get to meet so many new people, discover issues important to you, and gain knowledge and experience that can open more opportunities for you in the future. And if you're into liberating needy people by running a sexy lingerie drive, have at it, Blanche.

Treat yo'self (the way you deserve to be treated).

Insecurity sucks. Anxiety is a trip. Sometimes these two things really get in the way of allowing you to be your own biggest fan. You must believe that you're worth more than the way that some people in your life might treat you. You're a lovable and capable human being. Love yourself and demand that same respect from others.

Happiness is the most important part of life.

Money and good health aren't promised or something that you can really control. The most important thing we should be aiming for (for ourselves and others) should be happiness. One of my favorite episodes is when Sophia serves her daughter, Dorothy, up this serious wisdom. Living well and keeping it positive is the most basic thing you can do for yourself.

Make the most out of every situation.

Time flies when you're having fun, but it goes even faster when you're letting yourself get swallowed up by stress. Life will never be 100% perfect. You'll always have to worry about something in your personal life or something at your workplace, your bills, that leaky faucet in your kitchen, etc. Don't let it consume you. Every day is a gift, damn it. Learn something new, do something you enjoy, and pour yourself that second glass of wine.

I hope you enjoyed this card! And if you haven't watched an episode of 'Golden Girls' before, that's officially your homework for this weekend.

(Do it. Rose Nylund's St. Olaf stories change lives.)
I always loved listening too Rose's St. Olaf stories. Some of them have even helped me in my times of need.
@2Distracted Omg, I need them.
@danidee Cracker Barrell was selling a big DVD set of the show. They have tons of older shows on DVD for sale.
@kneelb4zod You should watch it! I feel like the sense of humor is still super relevant. Plus the jokes get super dirty lol. It's funny.
@kneelb4zod I think Anyone would get a kick out of these fiesty ladies esp the older woman. Hope you enjoy it!
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