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Welcome to the cold and colorful season, fellow Vinglers!

@danidee suggested we make our Christmas cards for our favorite Vinglers! :D ! And I love everyone one of us so here it is! Since I'm going to Orlando and St. Augustine, the famous ghost town of Florida, for christmas, I'm all for sending this early so I won't feel bad about forgetting. So, Miami's best way to show it's December is putting up a Christmas tree and drinking egg nog. I'm a little bummed that there's no snow, holly, or turtle neck sweaters. BUT, I can enjoy the better things like listening to Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley while I'm wading in the beach. And of course look at appetizing recipes on Vingle! Thanks to @AlloBaber c: mmm caramel-stuffed chocolate chip cookies... focus! Okay! So, for the ones enjoying their winter in their own ways and the ones that have made me a happy camper as I participated in Vingle for maybe a month now, I'm glad to present to you my Christmas card!

For the Harry Potter fandom, A Happy Christmas to all! You've welcomed me warmly and I wish to toast my hot Butterbeer to our friendship, kindness, and community!

Merry Christmas to the sherlock fans! May your night be satisfyingly creepy with Santa roaming about >:D I always love your humor and goofy ways, fans!

Merry Christmas and a happy drunk night to the Supernatural fans! Sam and Dean are always in my heart <3 Along with Castiel, and every character that has ever helped them in their missions c:

Merry Christmas to my fellow fangirls over Korean dramas, movies, music, and other forms of entertainment! You guys always warm my heart and make me laugh!

HELLO, WHY WOULD I MISS DOCTOR WHO? <3 (My favorite show to fangirl about, pfshh. )

Merry christmas, Doctor Who fans! You know how crazy we love our doctors and I wish you a magical, memorable month! The Doctor always reminds us that we're all special and we're only disguised as ordinary!

To the anime lovers, music lovers, vocaloid fans, and the ones who enjoy anything related to Japanese culture, food, and entertainment, I wish you a Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to every kind of person on Vingle! To the ones who are simply enjoying life and understanding it, to the Lovebugs and Marvelers! To the hair and makeup fans and many many more people that share Vingle! To the ones hiding between cards! You're all special!

I may be a kitty hiding behind my doughnut and phone, but I enjoy everyone's cards and their sense of community! I fangirl about your cards, I read and smile at them when I'm alone in a bus on a four hour trip to home, I comment between my college classes, and when I give a like, I give my heart to you and share my interest. c: Thank you Vinglers for making me a part of your world! To: @TessStevens @RosePark @Danse @alywoah @ButterflyBlu @hikaymm @AlloBaber @Danidee @jordanhamilton @VixenViVi @kpopandkimchi @lizzeh @ScriptedSoldier @shannonl5 and many more! c:

For some humor and a thumbs up to my fellow Marveler fans who also deserve an electric and kick-ass Merry christmas! (Deadpool, behave! Omg.. )

And merry christmas and happy holidays to you! :D
Thank you @deefran!!! :D I LOVE your picture, btw XD park jimin gets me every tiiiimeeee that beautiful boy <3
@AlloBaber. merry Christmas to u too and to the rest of the vingle community😀😀😀 ......
Thank you so much for mentioning me in this!!!!! I love it!!!!! So cute and thoughtful!!!!!
@Luci546 lol plus Deadpool!!, ❤❤❤😍 lmao he took lonely island's inspiration of d*ck in a box 📦. XD
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