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My favorite lift in the whole damn lifting world.

I will be focused on just deadlifts today. It's the only lifts that actually really calms me. I am going to see how strong (or weak) I am after not lifting for MONTHS haha.
I will most likely post my workout later. Good morning my buff monsters!
why thank you!!! and let's not forget to mention my groceries were super heavy lol
What do you mean deadlifts calm you!!!!!! I have to breathe so hard to perform those!
@alywoah Yea it can. Specially if you're standing in one place the whole time. But that's what breaks are for! haha
Well I walked around at work for 8 hrs. Then walked around some more while shopping lol Gonna try and get some yoga in tomorrow
What was this card about again? (Focused on the spandex....with the old pervert creeepy face on)... LMAO.
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