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so @DeniseiaGardner made a challenge to come up with a game. I don't know if this is exactly what she was wanting but I decided to make one outside of the competition. this game wouldn't finish on time. the rules are simple 1. no take backs. once you make you're choice it is final. 2. only one choice per player 3. no cheating. if you join the game late start from the beginning. I will be keeping track of everyone's results. make good choices everyone! @B1A4bts5ever or @AimeeH if you could tag some people you think might want to play :)
it's your first day of work and you're already running late. how can this be happening?! you get a once in a lifetime chance from Bighit Ent. and your alarm seems he'll bent on ruining your life this morning. you grab your cutest little summer dress from the closet and throw it on. your hair is still damp from your shower, but maybe you can fix it before you get there. if only you hadn't stayed up rewatching every bts mv ever!! but then again who are you kidding..... you know you'd do it all over again if you had the chance. at least your make up is on point. you grab a pop tart from the kitchen counter. shove it in your mouth and head out the door. you still have 20 minutes to get there and luckily your apartment is only 15 minutes away pick your mode of transportation to find out your job.....
taxi results will be posted later tomorrow and good luck
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Bike, because I need to exercise more
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