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this is such good workmanship from the boys but guess sugar didn't get the memo that they had to wear black pants lol
2 years ago·Reply
I meant suga omg I hate auto correct
2 years ago·Reply
@YvonJerzak so true! But my phone finally knows Hakyeon. All I have to type in is "hak"
2 years ago·Reply
@DianaBell lol I have a new phone so hopefully it will get my drift I've gotten hate from spelling members names wrong and I'm like sorry it was auto correct lol
2 years ago·Reply
ya!!! they are the best dance group I have ever seen. I don't care what anyone ways. they way they hit each step, the body movements, the complex yet easily looking choreography. I think they don't get nominated because they would win each time. wow! they never fail to amaze me.
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