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---------------------------------------------------------- Club M already start doing harsh things to US. They start the terror attack to US, and unfortunately the North Koreans are blamed on this. US won't stay still to North Korea. They announced war to North Korea. North Korea announced that they will attack Seoul. Jae Ha and Hang Ah were in the boat. The royal guard said that Hang Ah father wants to see her alone, so Jae Ha has to go first. They seperated, and they were finally told that there will be a war between North and South. Jae Ha screamed, "Where is Hang Ah??! Where is Hang Ah??!" Meanwhile, Hang Ah also got the war news from her father and she wants to go back to Jae Ha but her father didn't let her. OMG will there be any war???? Arrrggggggg NO Preview today TT annoying! ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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 ---------------------------------------------------------- Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5:
@supernovah how was it darling?? im mad to the writerss!!!! hahaha
:) thanks vhombre!!! have a great day at work ;)
bye satsuki - hope your test go well- i gotta prepare for work as well
goonight sapphire - don`t ditch us tomorrow for the last episode - i am counting on you.
yo are in seoul -i am p lanning a vacation there - next year - i want to talk to you about it later
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