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Why are all my babies growing up!!! Luhan came out with this lyric vídeo called "Lu" and it just shiwed me how much he has grown!!! While I was listening to the song(ITS All ENGLISH BY THE WAY) I notice the lyrics were a little bit on that naughty side!! Once I read the lyrics all you heard coming out of ny mouth was "NOOOOOOOOO, STOP RIGHT NOW, YOU ARE TOO YOUNG!!!!"
I can't take it you guys first Tao now my baby Luhan...I don't know what to do!!!! All I can do is listen to the song over and over again!!

Have You Heard This Song? What Are Your Feelings About It?

The first thought I had was literally; "He sounds like he's never been laid in his life."
@DestineeLiu What! really. He doesn't look that old.
@punkpandabear I think he's like 25, or somewhere in that range.
He looks too young for these lyrics. How old is he anyway?