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I'm trying something new this week - I want to get a sense from this community of who we think the most overrated played in the Premiership is.

Here are a few options - let's get the discussion started!

Jack Wilshire - Arsenal

Maybe it's time to give up on this once surefire superstar. Wilshire has simply failed to stay healthy year in and year out and the clock is running quickly for the 23 year old. It seemed like he was only 19 just yesterday.

Christian Benteke - Liverpool

While the big striker did get plenty of goals during his time at Aston Villa, he has struggled since joining Liverpool. In a better team, you would expect him to do better with his chances but that hasn't been the case. Did Liverpool overpay for him?

Pedro - Chelsea

I could have put one of a number of Chelsea players on this list but Pedro gets the unfortunate honor. He has failed to solidify a place in the starting XI since his huge move over the summer from Barcelona. He was a star off the bench in Spain but just has not put it together in England.

Jesus Navas - Manchester City

I've never been convinced by Navas. He's got pace, but what else does he really offer? His service from the wing is inconsistent and he hardly ever scores. A player that gets more playing time than I can ever seem to understand for Manchester City, Navas may not be as good as we all think.

Wayne Rooney - Manchester United

It's difficult to throw a name like Rooney's into a conversation like this, but it may be time to face the facts for the England captain. He's scored just two goals in the league this year and is constantly criticized for falling asleep for weeks at a time. I just don't really know about Rooney any more, who may be suffering the effects of too much matchtime over the past several seasons for Manchester and England.
So, who gets your pick? I'm taking Rooney, at least right now. The truth of the matter is that he is not getting the job done - though that's more than can be said about a player like Wilshire, who can't even stay on the field.
I'd love to hear what you have to say about this - and keep an eye out for another similar card coming up!
It's really hard not to take Rooney given his status as captain of England's national team. He just isn't living up to that standing.