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Choose one meal each day that you completely rid your plate of animal products – including eggs and dairy. Meat is a very concentrated source of calories and fat -- so cutting out animal products for just one meal per day can help reduce your fat intake.
@miranpark88 yes likewise. i love meat but I really want to loose some more weight and it is a good challenge. it is always good to share that challenge with someone. Even if you just last a week you can keep trying next thing you know it'll be a habit. :) Wanna join me? It will be harder on you since you are at Seoul and mmmmmm pigs feet hehehe
@OnLyTiM3CaNt3Ll omggggg im scared to start it.......HAHAHAH i'll probably last a week!
I meant any meat. what any food now that is a conspiracy in its self :-)
hahahha I have heard of this and it works. like lent for us catholics. but also fish I heard is not counted as a meat so I will ne eating that. yumm seafood and fish is great for you. Also, I started that Fridays I wont eat any food. Lets do it everyone
@carlosdang it's a conspiracy!!!!
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