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Draco + Loki = Divas?

The sass just increased by 100%

Granted, I'm not sure either of them would know much about Muggle/Midgardian fashion, but I'd trust the two of them to learn just enough to insult someone. How much do we need this au in our lives? (Thank you to cremebunny for drawing it!)
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everyone would be distroyed by their sarcasm
2 years ago·Reply
@wolffang @zaperz lol agreed, but I'd be sitting right next to them eating popcorn XD
2 years ago·Reply
oh my goodness this needs to happen. brush, this to fabulous.
2 years ago·Reply
oh god i can actually imagine them....
2 years ago·Reply
@saraortiz2002 right? It's incredible
2 years ago·Reply