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I am slowly easing myself into the gym, so today I just went for deadlifts and a light cardio workout.

Here's what my workout looked like today:

Barbell Deadlifts:
65lbs x 8 reps
85lbs x 5 reps
105lbs x 5 reps
125lbs x 5 reps
135lbs x 5 reps
155lbs x 5 reps
175lbs x 3 reps
65lbs x 15 reps
65lbs x 15 reps
65lbs x 15 reps
I tried to keep my breaks between sets under 2 minutes. I also went belt-less. I actually don't have a lifting belt because I sold it when I stopped competitively powerlifting. :-(
I also did a jog/fast-faced walk for 30 minutes.
I wish i could deadlift, i really fucked up my back and i cant do lower body anymore馃樋
@alywoah Ahh nice nice. Well good luck and please update your workouts whenever you get a chance! They're really helpful!
Thanks. I probably won't ever compete, but I am just getting back into training like I used to. @mchlyang
That looks like a solid workout! You getting back into powerlifting?
good stuff. .got me wondering what workout theyll have in store for me when i finish with my client
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