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Hello Fashionista's!

I figured why not bring a bit of excitement to the world of Vingle today. I am eyeing this lovely bag that you see above, but I am on the fence about whether or not I should purchase it. I am absolutely obsessed with bucket bags as of lately and I am drooling over this amazing color.
So, this is a guessing game. Obviously and the point of the game is to see who guesses the correct price. I have listed a couple rules below and the icing on the cake is that the winner will receive a small price in gift card form that I will email to you. That is if anyone wins.


1. You cannot google the brand/image/or any details about the bag.
2. You cannot change your answer after you submit.
3. You must leave your guessing price and a small sentence as to why I should/shouldn't get the bag.
4. You have until 6PM/ET today to submit an answer and be qualified to win.
5. If no one guesses the exact price, there will be no winner.

Let the games begin! May the best guesser win.

Um, should get because it's cute and it's a great color to go with a lot of things? Although, if it's really $50 or more, it's quite expensive... But not bad at all if it's real leather. But then again, I can't judge because I dropped $100 on a large leather shoulder bucket purse from Allsaints myself. Even with an employee discount... XD
Price would depend on material, size, and especially branding... I'll take a shot in the dark and say $50 USD? That's a nice guessing number? XD