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so I started writing things for the Make your own story Challenge thing @DeniseiaGardner and @Emealia came up with. But it is turning into a novel!! I have a hard time writing anything but for some reason this keeps going on forever...
so I need your opinion... Should I keep writing and tie it in with the game where you (the reader) gets to pick certain parts and it be super long ... or ... make a short version that won't be as good?
I'm kind of excited because this is the farthest I have gotten in writing anything (besides poetry) . Let me know what you think I should do in the comments .
Write! Write until your fingers cramp! I know I'll read it all.
@KellyOConnor @MadAndrea @DeniseiaGardner @jessicalnichols Thanks I'll write it all out but I'll have to do parts
Do it. I was the same way and was like, Eff it. I want it to be what I want and hopefully they are willing to sit through it lol
@destiny1419 Better to be in parts then leave stuff out ^_^
go ahead it have to be a games
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