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@JeffPalmer the other stuff u said is true but comparatively I still think saitama is more impressive Bc he is only human and can beat everybody up with one punch probably even goku mayb not kill him but rough him up a lot
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@Akira24 you have the jist of if yea Goku probably will have a hard time if he got hit but he can take his punches I mean a punch from buu could probably destroy a planet but the real question is how far could he take the fight in his ssj3 or 4 or as a fusion or a god how far could he really get I want to know now damit lol
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@JeffPalmer lol u rite u rite and same I wish they authors would get together and do actual mash ups of them smhh馃槶馃槶
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but he's human and he has no powers but strength sooooo..
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He's really durable and he can make after images of himself can jump higher then the hulk so @JoseYzaguirre learn what your talking about
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