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This is one very happy bunny!!!
@danidee I love fellow rabbit owners like that. I sooo wish I could foster care for the rescues while they look for a home! I actually just posted pics of my bunnies. I have 3 Rasca, Beau, Zoey. Rasca was I rescued from really bad situation so she's not as free spirited as the others. but I just love on her anyway. She used to be really aggressive but has over time seen she's safe and has been able to calm a bit.
What are your bunnies names?! I have a friend who's in love with her bunnies too. She also helps with a lot of rabbit adoption organizations.
@danidee sorry they call those jumps binkies not bunnies, oops.
@danidee Yeah I call them happy hops but other bunny people call those crazy jumps they do bunnies. What's really cute is when they do a bunny flop on their side cuz that means all is right in their world. I have 3 bunnies and i adore them. one of my bunnies doesn't even get caged cuZ she's so well trained in her litter box. I caller her our dog.
Lol! What's so cute is this is what bunnies do when they are happy in life. cuz they have no expression like a dog wagging tale or cat hissing you never know when they are going to rip around the room doing crazy happy hops!.Bunnies are so much fun!
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