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I hope to be this eccentric one day!

Maybe minus the teeth.
OH MY GOD, MY HUSBAND. I remember watching a documentary where he was talking about how his first apartment in LA was super haunted too. It was a ghost-themed TV special, but he's such a good story teller.
@Danse you love him too!!!! :D haha I don't know if that's creepy per se. My mom kept a few of my baby teeth too. @TiffanyWallace yeah the octopus looks adorable haha maybe he'll open up an etsy store
Gah!!! I love him! <3333 OMG, I have the pins that were holding my elbow together in a cup too! Oh, and my mom totally saved all my teeth - so maybe the creepy gene was passed on somehow... o.O [Broke my elbow when I was seven, woohoo] Haha, I'm so happy I'm not the only dork that keeps that stuff around. >:D
@TiffanyWallace @danidee yeah it's one of those weirdly typical New York stories. It meant he stopped paying his rent for a little while which was pretty good. Granted, he needed to find a new place since there was always the chance he'd come home and there'd be chains on the doors XD
LMAO @shannonl5 yup, sounds like something that would happen in the city.
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