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The long wait is over my readers!!!! Here's is the finale of Painful Love. Hope you enjoy!!! >Part 2 >Part 1
You don't want to wake up.... But the pain pulls you back to reality and you awaken with a gasp.  The pain is so overwhelming you immediately start to lose consciousness again. Your head feels like its spinning and you can't help the nausea that rises in your throat. You hold it back with little effort. The bathroom is silent and empty you figure out as you move your head around. You breathe a sigh of relief.  A sharp pain in your stomach sparks your worries again. "Oh god....please no...." you mumble.  You crane your head down towards your stomach and and break down. "NO!!!! NO PLEASE...." you cry out. "Don't do this to me...please no....." You choke on tears as you survey the damage. Your belly is covered in blue and purple bruises and is covered in footprints. Just touching it sends an immense wave of pain. But you lay your hands on your stomach anyway. You try to calm your sobs as you wait for some kind of movement. Anything that would give you hope. "It's gonna be alright..." you whisper talking to your unborn baby, "shhhh..everything's gonna be all right..." You catch the lie as soon as it comes out of your mouth.  You quietly sob as you manage to rise to your knees. Your legs give out beneath you and you fall to the floor.  You scream out in pain but press on.  You have to make it to the hospital... There may still.  be hope.. Realization sets in and you cry out for your baby that you know is dead. Your baby that you never got to see. Your baby you had with you're first love... The blood-curdling scream echoes in the empty bathroom and throughout the empty school. You scream for Jiyong until your voice is nothing but a rasp. He never came. *********** Rachel rings the doorbell and fixes her hair as she waits patiently for an answer.  It's no long before Jiyong opens the door. "What do you want?" Jiyong questioned.  He was in no mood for the girl's shenanigans.  "Is that anyway to greet me Jiyongi? After all that we've been through?" Rachel gives a sweet smile and grabs Jiyong's arm.  Jiyong shook her hand off him and asked the same question again. "I don't have time for this Rachel. I'm busy with-" Jiyong began. Rachel rolled her eyes. "Busy with what? Not your girlfriend thats for sure." Jiyong perked up at Rachel's words and looked at her curiously. He grabbed Rachel's shoulders suddenly angry. "What did you do?" he growled. "I swear if you have hurt her..." Rachel still had a smug look on her face. "I remember when we used to have arguments like this. It always ended in the best sex." Jiyong let go of her shoulders with a sigh. "Rachel I don't feel like bringing the past up now. Tell me where she is...Now." Jiyong's voice is quiet but Rachel knows better than to push him any further. "Oh fine. If I were you I would probably check the school first. Something tells me you should hurry. She may be in trouble." With that Rachel steals a kiss on Jiyong's cheek. "Until next time." With that Rachel walks off to her car. "Oh and another thing.." Rachel turns around for a smile, "She screamed for you the whole time." Jiyong wipes his face in disgust and heads to the school as fast as he can.  He arrives in under two minutes. "The doors are unlock?" he murmurs to himself.  Jiyong finds the bathroom and breaks at the scene in front of him. The bathroom floor has a pool of blood in the center and vomit in the toilet. His nose scrunches up from the smell.  And you are nowhere to be seen. Jiyong only imagines the worst as he inspects the bathroom. He calls for your name throughout the whole school. And there is no answer...  "Where could she be?" Jiyong worried. "The hosptital..." He races to his car and heads toward the nearest one.
The hospital is eerily silent as Jiyong rushes in. The reception lady looks at him with an annoyed look. "Are you here for someone sir?" she asks tiredly. Jiyong explains you to the lady and the lady's face saddens. She explains that a girl was found crawling on the road heading here a few hours ago.  A man saw her and drove her the rest of the way. She stops then. "What is your relation to the patient exactly?" "I'm her boyfri-....uhhh guardian." Jiyong blurts out. Why couldn't he say boyfriend? "Can I just see her?" The lady tells Jiyong your room number.  He's running to the room before she could even finish.  He stands in front of the door with his hand on the door handle. He felt like a disgrace. How could he even show his face now? The door swings open and a surprised Jiyong sees you standing right in front of him "Jiyong.." It's hard to to speak and seeing him only makes it harder. "What are you doing here?" You can see the bewilderment on Jiyong's face at your words. "What else could I be doing here? I came running as soon as I find out what happened."  "Found out?" you looked at him curiously. "Yeah...Rachel came to my house earlier and-" Jiyong trailed off "This is not important right now!!" "Not important? Jiyong I've just been attacked!!" He stares at your outburst. You start to cry. "I just lost our baby!!! Or should I say my baby?" ,reminding him of his words. He looks down at his feet. "Baby...I didn't.... I wasn't ready..." he stutters trying to find the right words. The pitiful sight tugs your heart but you don't less up. You have had enough. "Jiyong, I knew the first day I met you that you were special. You were kind of me and respected me." you say. "Jiyong I love you but I can't do this anymore." Jiyong stands there for a minute processing what you've just said. "Honey whatever it is...we can work it out...please" Jiyong falls to his knees as he pleads. "You're my everything...I can't be without you." You walk over to him and you almost kneel down to comfort him. But the scar on your stomach still burns from where they cut you open. You remember the pain and seeing your dead baby being pulled right out of you. You wipe the tears that are coming to your eyes and keep walking towards the room's exit. You stop by the door and look back. His back is to you. Jiyong has rose from the floor and you hear him sobbing. You can't stop your feet as you run over to him and hug him. His body is shaking. "Shhh....its're gonna be alright." you whisper. Your scar burns again. He turns around from the hug and stares at you with red eyes. "Don't go...tell me you won't...." You let go of him and you're face says it all. "Jiyong you're a great man. And I'm so grateful for you. But the fact of the matter is this love you have given me is a painful one.". You walk away from him again towards the door. He grabs your arm before you can get any further. "Y/N please....we can get through this together. We can have another baby.. We can-" he stops. "Just please...don't leave." You place your hand on his face and wipe the tears. "Yah... Since when did you become a big baby." You lean forward and kiss Jiyong sweetly. His lips are still warm. You pull away and leave him in the room. You can still hear his screams for you as you walk out of the hospital..... Goodbye Jiyong.
***7 Years Later*** Its raining. The clouds are gloomy and dark. You hold your umbrella over your head as you kneel down and place white roses on a grave. You come here every day. Always after work. You stopped crying a while ago. But the pain never went away. You stand there for a minute reminiscing. It was a unique love. One filled with passion but also hurt.  Your scar burns as you places your hand on it. After a while you turn and walk back to the car. The name on the tombstone reminds you everyday of the love. A painful love... ~ 사랑해 <3
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Ahhh Jiyongie.. Wae?! Just wae?!?!
wait...jiyong is the one who died.. its thought it was the baby's tomb. SAAAD :,(
Its Jiyong. Sorry I thought I made it clear XP @justcallmekyki
My heart hurts so much 😫 this was a good story now I will proceed crying in my bed 😐
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