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Make Your Own Game Challenge. Part 1
Okay I m going to make one to show you how it's supposed to go. I understand I kinda made it, and some people started to make stories out of there game so Here is Make Your Own Game Challenge
Pick a lover that a going to be in your story.
This is were you met your love in high school. The mall Are the end of School senior year.
Joker is that you and your family moved back to America
Pick any of these three guys and one of them will be the wrecker lol
You and your are married with a child on the way.
Aww stories.don't always have a.happy ending and also the death Parr don't always have to be you or your lover it can be any nobody that you are close to in the stories
So here is part one of my game, and I'll be writing the story for you guys and of you.still don't understand you can write a Story but those five things be in your story kk. @Emealia and @KellyOConnor can you tag people so they can see the example.
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So if we write a story, does there still have to be about six guys or can we just narrow it down to the one you love and the wrecker?
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@DeniseiaGardner Thanks for this I was a little stuck on mine but this got me going again!!
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thanks I going to try lately I been busy
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Thanks for the help! I was kind of hesitant on doing this since I said I was since I was thinking that I was going to do it wrong. But I'll see if I have time to do it and hopefully I will! ^^
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Does it have to be one of those three lovers?
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