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Live recap starts in NOW This is the second to the last King 2 Hearts Live Recap card that you will like and comment on *sob* :( so show me your full support today as well!!! Thanks everyone for the past few months. Our journey is ending soon = ) ------------------------------------------------------- Refresh this card for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words~~~ <b>Legend</b> Jae Ha (Dimple King :X): JH Hang Ah (Queen of Action): HA Jae Shin (Our Princess-nim): JS Shi Kyung (Knight in Shining Armor): SK Kyu Tae (Secretary/Evil Ajusshi): KT Queen Dowager: QD Bong Goo (Creepy Psychotic Freak): BG ----------------------------------------------------------- The palace ladies bring in a birthday cake to celebrate head palace lady's bday but they suddenly got quiet when JS came in. She asked why they act like that and said she got a present for her. She gave them a nice brand name bag and she's happy. Flashback about the time SK kneeled down and talked to her. Now at the cliff, SK points a gun at JH and BG smiled creepily. SK pushes JH toward the cliff where the red chair is. JH sits down still looking at SK in disbelief. BG told him to put his gun down but SK refuses. JH asks SK if he's gonna kill him. BG says there's few mins left. HA tells her dad she wants to go to where JH is. BG asks how JH is feeling now (about betrayed by SK). JH asks SK if he's really gonna shoot. SK said he's tired of (everything?). He starts complaining about things he had to endure. BG looks at him and listens quite attentively. Suddenly SK turns around and points at BG. BB also takes out her gun and everyone points the gun at JH and SK. Someone yells FREEZE. And SK and NK soldiers come out and points gun at BG and his men. HA arrives at the place with a silver suitcase. She's dressed in mini skirt but looks so awesomely cool taking out the professional assassin like sniffle. Her leg still has the white bandage from the injury. She points at BB. SO COOOLLLL!!!!JH remembers his convo when he made the plan with SK. SK screams drop your gun in Eng and everyone did since they're outnumbered. He said you too to BB and she's about to drop but suddenly picks up and points at JH. HA fires and shoots at BB's arm then SK shoots her in the hearts. Everyone shoots and she got several bullets. She fell down in a pool of blood. All other BG's men got shot and fell too. HA changes her gun equipment. A foreign officer from foreign investigation came to handcuff BG. SK smiles at JH but suddenly BG took out a small silver gun and shoots SK!!!!!JH is shocked. SK coughs up blood and fell. JH hugs him and screams for ambulance. JH screams don't you die on me!!!! SK says last few words to JH then…die(?). His eyes are still open tho….JH screaming his name, he closes his eyes. The song "First Love" with him and JS singing playing along with memories with her and with his father. JH cries so hard. HA delivers the news to JS. JS is in disbelief. HA hands her a beautiful floral box looks like a ring box. Inside is SK's soldier's name tag. She starts crying hard. HA is crying too!!! Man I totally didn't expect this. HA comes to hug JS as she cries. KT touches his son's name tag in SK's office with a sad face but he doesn't cry. I feel he must be crying hard inside. JH came in. KT bows to him. JH tries to comfort him. I'm still not over the fact that he died!!!! JH says something then bows and come to hug KT. Awww. JH is at SK's funeral. All the soldiers are there to give him a honorary funeral. There was a medallion as well. JH makes a speech and salutes SK's portrait. SK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The soldiers fire shots to honor him. Now a foreign officer is investigating BG. He asks if BG really had the intention of killing the Korean King and Queen. BG refuses to say anything. Then they met BG's lawyers who present them with bail request. JH tells KT they can absolutely not release him. BG's man telling him he might have to stay longer in Korea. It seems he's also made that BB died. He seems to have a plan up as well. What kind of high class hotel is he staying in??!?!! HA is doing some volunteer service for foreigners. She suddenly got a call from QD asking if she's eating and all. She answers cutely then answer a phone from JH. He asks why she takes too long to answer, was she talking to a man LOL. He's at the tailor shop. He walks away from the assisstants and whispers to her that he'll by her cake (I think. so cute)). Then she said she wants to drink coffee and do many other things. At the end she says in the cutest way possible, I'll wait for you~~~. And he said Ok I got it~~~~ He came back, a bit shy, picked out a red tie, takes a sip and his drink (how can this be so cute) and turns on his phone which has HA's photo as wallpaper, and smiles. JH got a call from the US council saying China, US and all other countries are getting involved if he doesn't release BG. They argue back and forth and the guy says he's part of the US council, JH said, is that so, well I'm the Korean King and hangs up. He's in the office talking to other officers. HA's dad came and she talks to him. She asks why China wants to bail BG and is upset. Her father is troubled as he cannot do anything to stop them. HA urges her dad to do something but he's uneasy and doesn't know what to do. HA came to see JH who is reading some docs. She came and puts her hands on his shoulders smiling. He touches her hands looks at her and says sorry I cannot keep the promise. HA sits down and starts talking. She suggests she'll do something but JH refuses. HA still tries to persuade him. She said she's not alone in this and it's for the country. They argue. JH said he wants to be alone and she left angrily. HA is in her room talking to herself and wondering. Head palace lady came in. It seems HA is being summoned somewhere. She went to a dark park. Someone snaps his fingers and everything lights up. The fountain starts running with lights that change colors. So romantic!!!!!! JH is dressed casually with green jacket. HA smiles knowing JH is setting up something again. It seems JH is trying to make up for their date. HA complains and JH says well I'm here aren't I. He then said I'm sorry. I'm really sorry…about many things. HA smiles and hugs him. They hug as the theme song playing. Behind them is the most beautiful fountain that I bet you ever seen if you could see it. So it seems they're at an amusement park at night. They walk around. JH and HA got on a roller coaster. He got scared so he got out. HA wears a white cat ear headband. They walk together then HA turns around and JH disappears. She looks down and he's tying her untied shoelaces for her. Why this so romantic and cute???? They sit on a bench and start talking about BG again and came to disagreement. HA glares at him then suddenly got his hand locked and the other hand on his neck. She sorta got him pinned (well while sitting not lying down on bench, don't get your hopes up again) just like the first time they met. She introduces her name as Kimg Hang Ah. Then she released his hands, they stood up and talks. JH finally agrees to what HA proposes. He smiles and kisses her lightly her lips. Then of course it's not enough so he kisses her again while she's smiling. And then of course it's not enough for them or for us so he hugs her tight and kisses her deeper and longer kekekeke. HA went to meet the head guy of ICC (some investigation bureau). She started talking but the guy told her BG's bail has already been approved or something. He stood up and leaves. She tries to talk some sense to him but he said is there any reason why he should talk to a NK officer (?) for more than 2 mins and left. JERKKKKKK. HA went out and saw BG. He gets off his car and smiling creepily to HA. He talks to her a little bit. JH is talking to some foreign guy who represents the US. JH says, are you happy now, the video diary activates, the guy seems to notice. He says the US doesn't say anything to other foreign country so he will never tell Korea what they plan to do. He comes by again if there's a problem. JH smiles and stands up, holds out his hand for a handshake. JH declares something (a war or something). The guy's face changes. JH leaves. Back to HA and BG. They are talking intensely with the dramatic music in the background. About what Sk is gonna do. BG laughs and leaves. KT is reading some doc to JH and HA. They're trying to figure what they should do about BG. JH makes the decision and leaves on an airplane with HA somewhere. The WOC guy delivers a white box with flower crest from SK to JS. There's a passcode and she asks him what is it. He said it's 86 something. He's looking for the password and she starts punching it. She said it's her birthday. The box opens and it's a video. He puts it in the TV for her and leaves. SK appears on the TV. He said he doesn't know how to say this. Then flashback, he writes sth but scratches and finds a video recorder from his closet. Then he starts saying he's sorry about the kiss. He's sorry that he's such a boring and stiff guy. he looks around shyly. Then it's now SK watching him talking in front of her. He's sitting on the opposite of the table directly speaking to her. His body shines brightly. She starts crying. He shows her a cute kiddy pocket journal. She starts crying harder. He tells her to take care, and that he loves her and smiles. His eyes are red. He salutes her. She cries hard holding her chest. BG is in his PJ lying on his sofa watching the news. The foreign guy is reporting to him saying NK and SK are peaceful right now. BG says we need to change that. Then there are reports about terrorist attacks in Michigan and that the attacks are related to NK. The guy who talked to JH before makes phone call to the White House. JH is on a cruise and got report about the situation. The NK head officer is screaming on the phone. HA's dad came in. The guys starts saying something about SK on purpose then hangs up. They sit down and start talking. The guy yells at HA's dad, blaming it on him and his daughter. HA's dad tries to reason with him. The guy still complains about the US and the current situation. HA's dad promises he'll do something. The SK president is troubled and got a phone call from the US military commander. HA's dad and the big wig guy are watching the news. The situation doesn't look favorable to HA's dad. The royal guards are watching NK news. Suddenly the head royal guard comes in and orders them to do something. He contacts the WOC guy who is with JH now. JH is with HA when the guy comes to report. HA asks is it related to her father. She tells HA that's it's ok that he leaves first. So he leaves. HA saw her dad on the cruise. JH is in the car mentions that it's raining. He senses something. The guy is looking uneasy. HA is with her dad in the car. They're not going in the same direction as JH's car but going to NK. She says DAD! He looks away. JH is taken to somewhere in front of a building. Some officers come out to greet him. He asks what is this. The WOC tells him something serious. NK and SK have declared war!!! JH is shocked, his eyes wide open. HA's dad took her to the custom, border between NK and SK. They forcefully takes her while she screams Comrade Jae Ha! JH asks the guy, what about HA, where is she now!!??? HA screams dad!!! ENDED NO PREVIEW
@soula81: yes youre right his acting really sucks... BTW talking about the foreign actors and actress in this drama, I think Bong bong (Mia Taylor???) is the best foreign actress, everytime I see her on the scene, she really make me feel afraid of her character that I didn't want her to visit me in my dreams, I may not woke up anymore >.< gosh...
@choihyeri: thank you for your praise! I'm not that good at korean but i tried my best >__<. It's hard to listen and typing down at the same time. Btw, am i the only who thinks the ICC head guy sucks at acting. I mean his monologue line reading was the worst acting (if that can even be called acting) among all the foreign actors in this drama.
thanks again for your recap @soula81, I'd able to watch the live stream today but of course i did not able to understand their conversation well except the English lines of the americans because I don't speak korean at all but because of your recap I'd able to fully understand what happened... After watching and reading your recap, I keep commenting on myself about what happened to tonight's episode, "Why can't they make the story a happy one, in fact it's already the last week of the drama and tomorrow is the LAST EPISODE! :(("
@Lhej: yea same here. i cant be entirely happy for our Aha couple because of SK's death :(((( . It was so shocked but I still had to keep typing for the live recap >__< to get over it
not forgetting trying to keep your emotions in check to be able to type down the recap! ;D keep up the good work !
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