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Good Morning Vingle Family.
This is what I woke up to this morning. You guys were busy while I was sleeping. This made me feel all warm and gooey inside. I had a real weird dream last night. Basically it was like Jurassic Park but with marine mammals and my cat became a whale and I was feeding her chicken... Honestly, I have no idea. So this was nice to see upon waking from that weirdness.
Anyway, I haven't had internet for the past week or so and have been going to this cute coffee house down the street to use their wifi. This morning, I ordered tea and oatmeal for breakfast, sat down at a table in the back, opened my laptop and then had a huge klutz attack. I knocked over the bowl of oatmeal which was still runny. The oatmeal and water mixture spilled all over the table and my laptop. I only had a couple napkins so I clean up my computer first and then went to see if I could get a rag from the staff. One of the guys who works here came over and cleaned up the mess for me. After he was done I wiped up the excess moisture and then put my laptop back on the table. I said aloud as I did this "It's safe again for you little laptop... well, safe is subjective..." I still had a large cup of tea that I could knock over at any moment.
...And that's when I looked up and saw the seriously hot guy at the table in front of me had witnessed the whole thing and was looking at me with a smirk on his face. I said to him, "Yes, I just talked to my laptop." Because he not only saw my klutz attack but also my conversation with inanimate objects. He laughed a little bit and waved me off like it was no big deal. *facepalm* This stuff always happens in front of hot guys, why?
Anyway, in the last week I have seen a number of you reaching out for help and I have seen so many of my Vingle family members reach out to help. I have truly been touched and I am honored to be apart of this wonderful family. Since I am probably not the only one having a weird day, and I know some of you are struggling, in pain, dealing with a tough situation, lonely, feeling like you're at the end of your rope, barely keeping it together and just plain struggling with life right now, I wanted to create this card to remind you of how wonderful you are and that things WILL get better.
During the creation of this card, the hot guy mentioned above came over and introduced himself, noted that he had seen me here a few days ago and said goodbye when he left. So, either he found my klutz attack and crazy talk cute and endearing or completely strange. Whatever the case, I left a lasting impression!
So, see, it gets better. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes and other times it takes a bit longer. I have had entire years that were just a complete and utter drudge to get through. Years filled with pain and disaster and dead ends. I've had months were it was a struggled just to get out of bed every day. Sometimes it takes all you have to just function at a basic level. That's ok. Just get through the day. Tomorrow is a new day and another chance for things to turn around. Find something that brings you joy, even if it's only for a minute. Watch that video of your UB being a goof ball. Play your favorite song on repeat... all day. Read your favorite book. Sit in the sunshine. Smell a flower. Check Vingle. Smile. Find something to ground you, something to hold onto to get you through this. I promise, it gets better.
I have a favor to ask each and every one of you. Today, as you go through your day, remember to smile at people you meet, the bus driver, the homeless guy sitting on the sidewalk. Thank everyone you interact with today. Spread kindness. Everyone is going through something. They are battling demons we know nothing about. Showing kindness to one another is the easy, smallest thing we can do. That smile might be the one good thing that happens in that person's day. That smile or Hello might be the thing that gets them through today. Kindness is easy and free. Spread it like wildfire.
And if all else fails, pretend this is you, dancing with G-Dragon in the rain.
Please tag anyone you think could use encouragement or just a little pick me up. Let's spread the love.
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Ahh just when I finally got rid of my "butter ball" image and now you're bringing it back! ! I'm such a soft serve . But it's because I love you guys :) . . TBH I think everyone in this community should see this card, so they can know they're not alone and that we're in this together♡ . . Personally I'm a person who always smiles...it's something I really just can't help. No matter how I'm feeling , I just kind of smile :P . . And I don't think my heart would be able to handle thoughts of dancing with GD in the Rain lol
@otakukpopgirl I know where you're coming from. I suffer from bipolar depression. It's a daily battle. I'm always here is you need someone to talk to. Just keep going, one step at a time. FIGHTING!!!
Thank you so much. I love how close everyone is here despite what we like we always stay close and support each other. This was to touching thank you.
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