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Not only is Demi Lovato and amazing artist, with an inspiring story about loving herself, she also has quite a bit of tattoos on her. I am a big fan of tattoos,and I am in love with the ones that Demi has!
Here's some of them...
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@alywoah It's all about Why she has them, too. She's an amazing woman. So sweet and lovely. 馃挏
Yes, all of them have an awesome meaning behind them. I love her tattoos. @butterflyblu
For Real Andrea, it's just not a opinion, for me is the reality, I'm super old school, so definitely would like to choose a girl that has her natural skin
Me too, @alywoah. Do you have any?
Yes I do! I have three in total -- two of them are pretty large. Do you??? @Butterflyblu