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So a lot of people have been wondering what does space, astronauts, and ESPECIALLY a whale in space have to do with EXOs comeback and how it's related the title song "Sing For You" and its concept. Well I came across some pictures that might clear things up.
First let's take a look at some of the lyrics
this is how the whale connects with the lyrics, in Sing For You, EXO is trying to sing for their lovers, yet their lovers never hear their song and their lonely.
Also, have you ever wondered how lonely an astronauts life gets sometimes.... the second picture is kind of irrelevant but just wanted to throw that in.
There's also a theory that this song is for Tao, Kris, and Luhan. not meaning anything bad but rather a heartfelt message of moving on saying "I enjoyed and will miss the time we had but let's move on maturely and peacefully. Let's all live on with our lives and be successful. We will always be one in our hearts"
This last bit just wraps up everything together nicely, whoever wrote this, it is well done. So ExoLs just as EXO has learned to let go of the past to move on, let's do as them, and listen to their message telling us "it's ok" once again always remember OT12 will always exist in our hearts ❤️ ❤ ❤️ ❤ ❤️ ❤ ❤️ ❤ ❤️ ❤ ❤️ ❤
this last one is just for laughs lol. hope you enjoyed this post. what are your thoughts on this explanation? Does it make any sense? Is everything more clear now? :)