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Okay, I'll admit it.

I have absolutely no clue how to do a winged tip. Makeup is life, but I go each day without a winged tip to complete my look. If you happen to be like myself and just don't have the patience to keep a steady hang and get a fleeky wing -- there's no need to worry yourself any further. Life hacks are amazing, especially when it comes to beauty.
Welcome the perfect wing compliments of tape. Yes, tape! How convenient is that? So, you mean to tell me I could've been having a beat face with an amazing winged liner for years? I guess it's never too late. Check out the two video(s) [seen below] showing two different techniques, so we can change the face of beauty, one winged liner at a time.

Technique #1: One Piece Of Tape

Technique #2: Two Pieces Of Tape

Are you a winged liner advocate?

How to create the perfect flick?