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Buu vs Janemba, Strongest enemy in DBZ Kai!
Majin buu was strong enough to take Goku and vegeta to their limits and even forcing them to fuse to vegito. Despite his looks he is one of the strongest enemy the z fighters have fought in Kai.
Janemba was from the fusion reborn movie. He strictly forced Goku to go ssj3 even in his baby form to beat him and when he transformed into super Janemba Goku had a lot of trouble and same with vegeta forcing them to fuse into gogeta who then beat Janemba. I want to believe gogeta is also stronger then vegito and since Janemba can teleport and warp time giving him the advantage over buus speed and destruction. But what do you guys think ?
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I only poSted on other communities because I want to know people opinions and I believe Janemba is still stronger and wouldn't gogeta be stronger since vegeta was an angel at that time ?
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But the real problem is gogeta actually stronger then vegito in hell
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@jeffpalmer I don't think the fusions are stronger or weaker based on where they are usually. I just thought gogeta was stronger because they can match each other's power levels better
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I don't think location matters and to do the fusion dance Goku has to lower his power to be even with Vegeta where as the earrings take their full strength
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I just see them as equals lol but I still feel gogeta is stronger lol
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