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Well this is the challenge story.
It's was senior year of high school, and I was ready to get it over with. I look out the window and saw my best friend Jongdae. He is a so handsome he have this wonderful smile. I lived in south Korea for about seven years. I ran down stairs pass my dad and my mother. "Bye mom, bye dad." I said to them right before I headed out the door. "Don't forget you have to be home tonight we have something big to talk about." My mom said as I ran out the door. I got open outside, Jongdae was standing there with his back face me. He turned around with the most biggest smile ever. "Hey y/n Come on before we are late." He said grabbing my hand, and we ran as fast as we could to school. As me and Jongdae are running to get to our class. I bumped in to Mark, we fell down after heading out head. "Can you watch were you going dude, I'm not up for you to bumping in to me!!" He yelled. I was rubbing my head and got up. "You could say sorry at least." I said to him. "What sorry but you the one the bumped me." He said. "No I didn't I was on my way to class and you was standing in the way." I said getting in his face. He rounded his eyes. I looked down at my watch and saw that I was late. "See you made me late now." I said. I pushed him out of the way. "Hey!!" He yelled back. I just got in my class, and the teacher just came in. "Thank you Miss y/n for being late, now we have extra homework for you guys." He said. Everybody in the class room turned and looked at me. "But I wasn't late I just got here on time." Mr. Tuan looked up at me from grade book. "Okay listen to every word I'm going to say okay?, Being early is on time and on time is late. So that makes you late of you on time." He said looking down at the book. I salonge over my desk, I was looking at Jongdae, he shrugged his shoulders. He leaned in close to me, "What happen you was right behind me?" He asked. "Mark Tuan." I said. He looked at me with big eyes, "Mark?, as in Mr. Tuan son?" He asked. I shake my head yes. Me and Mark had never liked or got alone together. We had always argue fought or just about any thing. When I came to South Korea for the first time, the first person I met was Mark. He was the most meanest guy you'll ever meet. He was picking on a little kid. I walked over to him and grabbed him and flipped him on his back. "Quit picking on people that smaller then you and pick on people that your size." I said. I went to the little boy, he was shaking and crying. He was so cute like a little puppy. "Are you alright?" I asked. He shook his head yes. "I'm y/n it's nice to met you." I said with my hand out. He got up from the ground and clean his self. "I'm Jung Hosoek, but ever body call me J-Hope." He said grabbing my hand shaking it. As I was helping him clean his self off another boy came over. "So you the new kid y/n huh?" He said to me. I looked at him wondering who his is. "I'm Kim Jongdae, but ever body call me Chen." He said with the most cutest smile. Right then and there we all became bests of friends. I love this to idiots my then any thing. We went through everything together and ever deal with Mark sometime. Now that we are senior I would what would college be like I can't wait to live with out these guys. while I was I class I turned and looked at Jongdae, "Where is J-Hope?" I asked. He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. Then the goofy looking fellow had just walked in tripping over Mr. Tuan shoes. He get his self up and wave at me and Jongdae. We look at each other and bust out laughing. While J-Hope is up there waving at us Mark come in. We stop laughing and waited for J-Hope to see him. He turned around and saw Mark. He jumped and ran right behind me. Me and Jongdae started to bust out laughing again. Mark walked over by us and sat at his desk. I was kinda mad that his desk was right in front of mines. Mr. Tuan thought if we sat close enough we would be friends and at the end I don't like him. The bell rings everybody was happy. "Yes exam starts tomorrow and after that it's graduation." J-Hope said. "Yea I know right we are going to be high school graduates." I said with a smile. I looked down at my watch and saw how late it was. "CRAP!! I gotta hurry and get home well see y'all later." I waved good bye. I ran as fast as I could to get home. "Mom, Dad I'm home." I yell as I come into the house. "Honey we are in the kitchen." My mom said. I went to the kitchen and saw my three brothers and my two sisters. "Whats going on." I said looking at ever body. "Oh crap granny died, oh not granny, she was ready yet she still have some years in her." I said crying out loud. "No sweetie granny is okay." She said. "Well was going on?" I asked. My mom and dad looked at each other. "Don't tell me your, PREGNANT!!" I said. My sister's and brothers bust out laughing. So did my parents. "Actually yes we are expecting, but we are moving!!" My mom said. We all just looked at my mom and dad. It was so quite that you could hear crickets mating. "Wait moving were?" My older Derrick asked. "Well your father have a good permanent job in New York. And because he going to be a professor all your hand go to college for free." She said. I looked at them, "What kind of college?" I asked. "Its a business college." She said. "And I gotta go huh?" I asked. She nod her head. I was in Shock I couldn't believe this. "Don't worry we will wait until your graduation to move okay?" I just got up and walked away. I went to my room and looked out the window wondering why is this happening to me. To Be Continue....
Here part one of Heart Break. hope you enjoyed it and can't wait in till you read the rest. Okay now tell who should you be with Mark: The bad boy/ bully Jongdae/Chen: The sweet best friend Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope: The funny, goofy, and clumsy best friend. which one should be my/your lover, who every have the most comment will be our lover lol @Emealia, @KellyOConnor, and @KpopGaby please tag if you can lol
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@gabbylu Lol seriously!! 😂
Why? My baby is the bully? @gabbylu13 Same!
Jhope please please. this is coming along so great I love it 💖
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