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Hey guys im back with Chapter 6 of our short fanfic (If you want to read it you might want to start >here< ) .. . .
*Its been almost a full week and you still have gotten any word from Jiyong since you last saw him at Seungri's house* *Taeyang has been keeping you company while GD was absent but its not the same. You schedule with Taeyang seems to be mostly the same wake up, mess with Seungri, go to sleep. Its fun hanging out with them but you miss And Taeyang have become closer as friends but you could never replace Seungri's position* *Your currently at Taeyang's flat and you sitting on the couch giggling as Taeyang and Seungri battle back and forth teasing eachother over a game of twister*
Seungri: Im sorry but clearly I won!! You fell first Taeyang: but CLEARLY YOU HIT THE MAT FIRST Seungri:How could that even be possible Im clearly sitting on top!! Taeyang: Well why you put you body on mine then Seungri: ah Y/N who won, in not saying it was me but it wasn't Taeyang Y/N: *chuckling* I dont know...Youngbae seem like he beat you on this on Ri Taeyang: See I told you!! Seungri: *pouting* Y/N!!
Taeyang: Seungri listen to your hyung and repeat after me....Taeyang hyung is the best Seungri: ..... Taeyang: *raises eyebrow*.....whats wrong I thought I told you to repeat Seungri: well its just Taeyang: just what? Seungri: well my hyungs also told me not to lie
Taeyang: why you little... (-_-) Seungri: *teasing* listen to my elders right... :P *Taeyang gets up and begins to playfully wrestle with Seungri on the carpet* Y/N: ahh you guys are really too much ~(^.^)~ *you get up to pull them off of each other but there a knock at the door. And shortly after it slowly opens* *TOP walks in in his casual wear, the regular suit and tie* TOP: Youngbae i- *sees them on the floor* aish when I knocked you could just said you were busy Taeyang: *chuckling* you didn't exactly give us time to respond
TOP: ah but you should still at least- Y/N? Oh You're here.... Y/N: yea ive been here for the past few days these two have been keeping me company while Jiyong's gone TOP: oh.....well are we still going then? Y/N: *confused* right now? You want me to go with you now....I'd have to get properly dress first but I guess we can hang out...*looking at Taeyang and Seungri* You guys dont mind if we go out right? Taeyang: ah its cool, I love when people come to my house, eat my food, and then dont invite to their rendezvous. .. Y/N: *chuckling* would you like to come too
Taeyang:no, no you can go, ive got other matters to tend to...*Smirks at Seungri* Seungri: 0.o ......Y/N please dont go!!! TOP: nope its to late Taeyang: Now Seungri...dont be like that Seungri: but- Taeyang: Seungri loves to hanging out with Taeyang Seungri: But I- TOP: *teasing* listen to your hyungs *TOP takes you by the arm and leads you out the door*
Y/N: Where are we going? TOP: I think you are already know the answer to that Y/N: *confused* ...well can me please stop by my house I want get properly dressed :) TOP: your wish is my command *TOP opens the door for you and you drive back to your/Jiyongs home* *You haven't completely moved in yet but most of your clothes and Items have been there since you both got together*
*The car stops in front and and unsettling feeling begins to grow in your stomach* *TOP stares at you for a while before asking what's wrong* Y/N: it's nothing...I just haven't gotten much sleep lately being with Taeyang and Seungri TOP: *chuckling* ahh, yeah those two can be quite the hand full ....God thing you have your personal air plane Y/N: airplane? TOP: yea airplane whenever your in danger I'll get you out of there *TOP running pretending to be a plane*
TOP: see... I work quickly Y/N: *chuckling* I'll be your plane too *running pretending to be a plane* TOP: *begins to chase you* Y/N: *runs* ahhh TOP: *laughing* you can't run from your rescue Y/N: but..I don't want to crash !! TOP: but Y/N Y/N: *looking back at TOP losing your balance* what? woah~ TOP: *catches you* I already have
*You and TOP remain like this for a moment before you break the silence and TOP places you back on your feet* Y/N: ....well never make it to our meeting at this rate TOP: *gives a small laugh* yea... *You begin to walk up to your doorstep and unlock the door with TOP following behind* *You open the door and turn on the lights*
* You're in shock seeing that things have been moved around and papers are spread all over the floors and furniture* *You begin to clean up the papers and TOP follows along* *You follow the trial of papers into the living room and see a figure lying in the middle of the floor* Y/N:.....Jiyong?
@VeronicaOrtiz Im really glad you like it :D For the next chapter I'm thinking about doing maybe a double update....I've already started the next chapter so it'll be up soon :)
like are you for real I need an update like ASAP
double upload ASAP LIKE BRUH
Ahhhh it's so good!!!! Why did you had to stop?! Lol 😫
omg the feeellsss ~~~
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