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Yep. That's how much I paid for a full tank of gas. And it will probably never happen again lol
But I bought a couple of shirts with the money I saved! Yet I'm somehow still hideously broke :(
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How much is it there?
Like... almost $3?
That would be nice lol I drive a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 5.9l V8 Engine! I spend about $25 every four to five days on gas for half a tank ^.^ Unlike my motorcycle that was $13 for about 5 days worth of premium gas (I rode about 350 miles a week and some of it was through the mountains or really hilly roads, which kills the gas mileage, especially if you like to run your RPM's pretty high and go a smidgen over speed limit!馃槆馃槆)
@Arellano1052 We drive the same truck! Except mines a 2011 and a v6