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I don't usually create inspirational cards, but this image really resonated with me. In a world of sadness, I try every day to create my own happiness.
Sometimes creating happiness takes time, help, and work. But it's worth trying every day.
for me, happiness is like you do gardening :)
@atmi that's actually really beautiful. maybe there is a meme of image out there that describes it the way you feel!
yes @nicolejb sort of :) not easy actually. the plant should be fertilized, watered and so on. but unpredictable weather can also affect it. that's reality of my life
Awww that's so cute @atmi is your happiness like your little plants?
And thank you @AlloBaber! I was talking to my best friend about this actually. She's one of those people that's always happy and I'm like "How do you do it?" haha she was mostly like "well, I work on being happy every day. and it's not as easy as it looks."
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