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We've been waiting for months.

The holiday's are here and we can hardly wait. From spending time with family to seeing the expression on their face when they unwrap their gift, it's priceless -- but let's not forget to factor in our beloved relationship [if you happen to be in one]. For those who are in a lovely relationship, this is meant to be the most wonderful time of the year -- but, that's totally up to you.
You've been seeing each other for months now and now the holiday's are here meaning you have a lot to live up to and well, so does he. This holiday season can easily be magical or well, it can also be the worst one ever depending on how things go. Keep scrolling to learn a few things that the holiday's can teach you and others about your relationship.

Inviting You Home For The Holiday's

I guess you can definitely say that this makes it official. If he asked you to come spend Christmas with him and his family, be prepared for either the best or the worst. Keep in mind that it may be too soon, but don't be so quick to say no. It might be the best Christmas ever. You have to make the best decision for yourself.

New Year's Eve Plans Become The Topic Of Discussion

If the man in your life brings up plans to ring in the New Year with you along his side, you can definitely say that things are off to a great start.

Exchanging Gifts With Each Other

Now that you two are an item, it's only right to get one another a gift. It's probably best to make a small list or ask questions. You don't want to have one of those awkward moments where you hate the gift, but have to play it cool. This is also the best opportunity to learn each others likes and dislikes.

When He Ask You To Come Watch Holiday Movies

He's your man. There's no such thing as 'netflix and chill', unless you want it to be. Enjoy the movies and bask in the moment.

Are you in a relationship?

If so, what is one do and one don't for dealing with relationships during the holiday's?
Nah, I don't have a boyfriend. I just crush a lot. :-P
@jordanhamilton <3 ^.^ woot!
definitely a play on words! lol glad you caught on & nice! quality time is always the best during this time of the year. oh! and let's not forget to mention the fuzzy pj's, kittens and FOOD! @Luci546
you're very welcome & thank you!! @buddyesd
haha "ring in the new year" xD hmm, sounds like a proposal play on words, but it could just be I'm having fun out of nothing xD this year will be my second Christmas with my true love. Last year, we were in fuzzy pajamas with my family and throwing wrapping paper everywhere like crazy kids xD Best way to celebrate the holidays is always food, hugging my kitties, and slinking about in fuzzy panda pjs c:
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