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BTS is the group that I got the most requests for, so here we go.
I honestly don’t have too much to say here that I didn’t cover in the video. It’s a bombastic debut that really helps them stand out, and as cute as they are, the group does commit to their image pretty well.
While the hard/hood concept isn’t so overdone that’s cringeworthy, I have to say I’m glad that BTS has toned things down since their debut.
@AngelaPearson Thank you for watching !! I can't wait to see how BTS changes since I'm still new to their music :)
This video is a great interpretation of BTS and their debut single. Just like you I can't get over just how cute they are to get the Hood theme but as you watch them progress throughout their other videos you see their different personalities and the changes since the debut. I will have to checkout other videos you have made. Great Job!