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~DO Kyungsoo has just been transferred to this new school for the extremely talented. Its where the best singers, dancers, and rappers come to further their skills. But like any school it has its share of bullies, drama, and romance... Can DO survive in the School Of EXO? >Part 1

CHAPTER 2- Open House Hype!!

D.O looked in the mirror for what was probably the hundredth time. He adjusted his tie and tried to get rid of the smile that seemed to be permanent on his face. D.O couldn't say that he wasn't nervous after the audition. He hardly got any sleep and would go over his performance, pointing out the things he could've done better. That week was probably the most anxious week in D.O's life. When he had finally got the call he was ecstatic. The woman on the other side explained that D.O was part of the twelve chosen that would be attending the "School of EXO". There would also be open house that following day at seven p.m so the students and faculty could meet. D.O couldn't keep still. He constantly moved tidying things and always double-checking how he looked in the mirror. He was happy to say the least but that didn't stop the butterflies he felt in the pit of his stomach. D.O's mother who was surprisingly calm was just watching her son roam around the house. "Don't be so nervous hun. You got past the hard part remember? From this point on you have no worries." D.O stopped pacing for a second. "I know Mom but you have to understand...this is SM Entertainment we're talking about. One of the biggest companies in the music industry. This is my chance to make a name for myself." D.O looked down at his feet. "I just don't want to disappoint you." D.O's mother beamed at her son's words. "Oh honey... You have never disappointed me in any way." She got up and cups D.O's face in her hands. "I knew you were special the moment you were born. Even when you were young you were so talented and would always be singing." D.O smiled at the memories. He would always be singing something and even mastered a song at the age of four. "So forget about all the nervousness and just go for it!!! You're mother is behind you all the way. Fighting!!!" She raised her hand. D.O shook his head smiling and slapped his mother hand. He then looked at the clock and his heart stopped in his tracks. It was almost seven!! D.O got his things and hurried out the door. D.O's mother was already heading downstairs to the car. D.O left the apartment but not before he checked himself in the mirror for good measure. ***
The drive seemed to drag on forever until they at last arrived. The open house was located at this venue that SM had apparently rented out. D.O's mother drives up to the door. A valet takes their car and D.O and his mother head inside and go through some double doors. D.O looks at the scene before him. The room is decorated with black and white. There's a buffet set up and even a chocolate fountain. D.O takes a step forward. Immediately every face in the room turns to him. "It seems that you are the last to arrive again my dear boy." D.O looks for the source of the voice and sees the same guy from the audition room. D.O blushes and bows. "Sorry sir. Time got the best of me and I apologize." He bows again. You raise your head as you hear laughter. The man can't seem to contain his laughter as he tries to speak. "Oh its really quite all right. There's no need to apologize. I like you so I'll forgive it for now." He pats D.O's shoulder. "Alright everyone please enjoy yourselves he and mingle. I will introduce the faculty and students in a little bit." The crowd disperses and the man walks off. D.O looks around for his mother and sees her already with some other parents. He smiles at his mother. She always made being sociable so easy but for D.O it was a struggle to say the least. At times like this he ate. So he headed for the buffet. "Ahhh so you actually got accepted in D.O!!" D.O turned from the buffet sadly and saw the same guy who helped him at the audition. "I knew there was something special about you. Its a good thing we became friends huh?" D.O had to say he had the same reaction as Baekhyun when he saw him. Could this guy really sing? D.O looks over the guy again. He's wearing black rimmed glasses with a black and white tuxedo. But surprisingly no eyeliner. "Well its nice to meet you again too Baekhyun." D.O says. In reality he was kind of glad Baekhyun was here. This gave him a friend in the school already. Even if he talked like there was no tomorrow. When D.O was finally finished at the buffet he walked over to an empty table. Baekhyun followed him talking the whole way. D.O didn't even pay attention to the boy as he rambled on. He just wanted to eat. Before he could even lift the food to his mouth Baekhyun nudged him in the side. He ignored him and tried to lift the meat to his mouth. The chopsticks flew out of his hand when Baekhyun nudged him again. "What's the deal Baekhyun?" D.O barked as he bends to pick up his chopsticks. Baekhyun didn't answer which surprised D.O. He looks at him and follows his to finger to a person who's standing in front of the table. D.O breath is taken away as he notices the more like sexy guy is staring right at him. Baekhyun seems to snap out of the trance they have been put in and finally speaks. "Hi...uhhhh..." The guy gives a sly smile and leaves the table walking off. D.O is speechless. That guy....who is he? Before D.O can think anymore the lights dim and a spotlight appears on the stage. "Ladies and gentleman it is time to present this year's School Of EXO students." Baekhyun and D.O look at each other. Here we go.

Who could the mystery man be? Dound out in the next chapter!!!

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How much do you guys want to bet that mystery man is our very own Kim JonginπŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
it's kai isn't it or maybe chanyeol but anyway you definitely need to tag in your future updates . I love it so gar Fighting author nim😊
I thought it was Chanyeol but I'm up for the surprise! πŸ˜‹ it's good!
Is it Kai? Is Kaisoo gonna happen?!
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